About Us

Arcatek Glass Water Pipes has been created to deliver the highest-quality smoking experience.

The unique designs featuring intricate engravings are crafted with the thickest glass and high-performance percolators to provide a smooth taste. Arcatek was developed by executives who have been in the smoke-and-vapor manufacturing industry for over 10 years.

Our Values

What sets Arcatek Glass apart is our design, quality, and experience.

Design: Our attention to detail stretches from our ordering process to the construction and care of our products.

Quality: Being the manufacturer and distributor, we are able to create the highest quality of glass in the industry.

Experience: Our sales team and customer service representatives are professional and want to work with you to create a seamless ordering process.


Arcatek Glass strives to be the pioneer of the water pipe industry by
establishing covetable products that encompass the needs of the market.

Arcatek Glass Water Pipe Products